Study Zone

Study Zone is the ideal learning environment for any student, grades 5-12.

A flexible, gym-style membership provides your student access to a safe and focused zone in which to learn skills that transcend academics.

Convenience, convenience, convenience!
Drop off your child an hour early for sports practice, or arrive an hour later for pick-up.

Study Zone is an easy way to give them the opportunity to work out their brain!

Who can benefit from Study Zone

  • Students who are struggling in one or more academic subjects
  • Students who are looking for an overall improvement in grades and test scores
  • Students who have trouble studying at home
  • Students who need to learn study skills

How Study Zone works

BrainStorm’s Study Zone is a customized small-group training experience in multiple subjects and a variety of life skills.

When you invest in Study Zone, your return is two-part:

Study Zone Tutoring at Sportika BrainStorm Manalapan

Open access to our inviting, friendly space in the Sportika complex during Study Zone hours (see schedule below). This distraction-free environment provides the most conducive atmosphere for your child to learn and to grow.


Guidance and mentorship from BrainStorm’s Master Teachers. There is always a tutoring guru present at our facility to impart knowledge beyond the boundaries of books. Students learn study skills, content, and more in Study Zone.


Small group math tutoring in Manalapan, NJ

2019 Study Zone Summer Schedule
June 25 – Aug 2







2019 Study Zone School Year Schedule







Your child is uniquely brilliant. Give him or her the opportunity to storm the test and experience the brainstorm vision:

Dominance On Test Day. Confidence For Life.

Top 5 Reasons to Try Study Zone

  1. Versatility:
    Multiple subjects under one roof for one flat price.
  2. Schedule Flexibility:
    Students can come in whenever they want or need to – no reservation needed.
  3. Bang-for-buck:
    With Study Zone, students get more hours than private in-home tutoring, for less! For the price of one hour of private tutoring with a BrainStorm tutor, you get three days (12+ hours) of access to Study Zone.
  4. Comfortable, collaborative space with the power of context:
    Some students simply work better with peers; others accomplish more when they’re in a focused, studious atmosphere.
  5. Escape from home:
    At Study Zone, the myriad of distractions of home (TV, texting, video games, siblings, pets, etc.) are eliminated, so students can focus and engage fully in their studies.

Whether it’s math or reading comprehension, science exploration or organizational skills, writing prowess or lateral thinking– or even prep for standardized tests like the COOP, SAT/ACT, or AP– our tailor-made program empowers students of all levels to enhance their unique brilliance well beyond the boundaries of school work.

Study Zone will help ensure that your child’s foundation is solid for an inspired future of STORMING THE TEST!!

Call 732-786-3799 for more information now!

I would gladly recommend Brainstorm to friends and family.

M. Akin
Matawan, NJ

Free Seminars

These informative and entertaining 90 minute seminars are completely free and open to the public.

Come join us at 7pm one Wednesday each month for a new seminar!

  • September 25: College Planning Seminar – With so many great colleges out there, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. Let BrainStorm assist you with ways to narrow down your choices and get through the application process, so you can find yourself at the school that is perfect for you!
  • October 23: SAT vs ACT – This seminar will explore the pros & cons of both of these important tests, as well as provide an inside look into the prep timeline. Take the guess-work out of the equation and determine which test is right for your student.
  • December 4: Study Skills and Time Management – Do you think your child’s academics would improve with more effective study habits and improved time management? We’re here to give you some skills for acing the test and accomplishing tasks with time to spare!

Conveniently located at the Sportika facility in Manalapan, NJ.

All seminars are free and open to the public. Space is limited, so registration is required.

To register, please email with your best contact phone number and name of each individual in your party.

We hope to see you there!