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Give your student an edge on test day by practicing timed SAT, ACT, or Hybrid exams in a simulated environment!

Practice tests are held at our facility in the Sportika complex every Saturday at 9:00am. Social distancing is observed.

Results are provided within 48 hours. Scores, a breakdown of results, and test history are available online! can be sure I will scream from the top of my longs the brainstem is the best and I will recommend it to anybody. I wish all the best to all of you...

J. SzeferWanaque, NJ

Why practice taking the SAT or ACT?

Be ready on test day! Simulation tests are as close to the real thing as you can experience.

Every Saturday at the Learning Center at Sportika, we recreate test day conditions such as waking up early on the weekend, sitting and doing each section consecutively, having a proctor give you the proper time alerts, etc.

Benefits of taking practice tests:


Are you moving at the right speed? This is a big question, and test day is not the day to experiment and figure it out. Simulated exams help you determine the pace you should set on the big day.


It’s not easy to sit down and take a four-hour exam and stay focused the entire time! With practice, students can learn to remain steady and calm throughout.


You will receive results within 48 hours of taking the simulation test. As you strive for that dream score, these simulations will quickly reveal what you still need to work on.

Starter Bundle

Not sure which standardized test is best for you? Let BrainStorm help you decide!

Package Includes:
2 simulation tests (one SAT & one ACT) and a consultation with one of our Test Prep Professionals
– or –
The HYBRID test (Combination of SAT & ACT) and a consultation with one of our Test Prep Professionals

Price: $150

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