Frankly, because we give a damn

People in our neighborhoods and around the world need empowerment and encouragement. Education is an incredible tool to accomplish this goal.

Although BrainStorm recognizes the inherent genius in each individual, we know that some people don’t have the means to discover their brilliance & share it with the world. That’s why we launched BrainStorm Gives Back.

Through this program, we further our social contribution by dedicating time and resources to a variety of charity outreach projects.

Whether it’s sharing our academic expertise with local youth groups or non-profits or donating a portion of our profits with worthy organizations both domestic & abroad, we know that change begins with us.

We want everyone on earth to experience Dominance on Test Day, Confidence for Life!


TEN - BrainStorm scholarship

In 2016, to celebrate completing 10 years of world-class academic mentoring, we launched an exciting new scholarship program we call “Ten”.

Since the program’s inception, we have given out 20+ full-ride scholarships to local students who demonstrate a personal vision of excellence and a desire for professional tutoring but cannot afford a private coach.

We are not accepting TEN application at this time. Sign up for our mailing list to learn when we will be accepting applications again.

Oasis: A Haven for Women and Children
BrainStorm partner with Oasis Paterson NJ

BrainStorm is proud to be partnering with Oasis in Paterson NJ to provide SAT training for a small group of Oasis’ college hopefuls. The mission of Oasis is to change the lives of women and children by breaking the cycle of poverty through compassionate programs designed to feed, clothe, educate and empower women and children in need.

BrainStorm is a proud supporter of the following organizations:

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