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Top NJ Tutors

BrainStorm’s academic mentors are the best in New Jersey!

BrainStorm’s 50+ all-star academic mentors cover all school subjects and test preparation. We tutor every age and grade from Kindergarten through college!

Standardized test tutors, science tutors, math tutors, history tutors, English tutors, Spanish language tutors, and more!

Meet some of BrainStorm’s tutors below. Click on any image to read the tutor’s bio and area(s) of expertise.

Top 6 Tutors in Manalapan, NJ:

Janine Weiss

JOB POSITION: Janine is Director of Sportika's BrainStorm!

EDUCATION: Ithaca College, BA Psychology and The George Washington University, MA School Counseling

AREA OF EXPERTISE: College Coaching, LD Tutoring

FUN FACTS: I have no middle name!

Jessica Friedell

EDUCATION: Rutgers University, BA Psychology and Montclair State University, MA Counseling and Human Services

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Verbal test prep, college coaching

FUN FACTS: I'm obsessed with Harry Potter!

David Fiore

EDUCATION: Lehigh University, BS in Finance and Mathematics

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Test prep, all maths up to Calculus

FUN FACTS: David is the World Recordholder in Numerical Memorization - he is the first person in the world to memorize over 10,000 numbers!

Andrea Giannopolis


AREA OF EXPERTISE: Algebra 1, Geometry, Test prep math

FUN FACTS: Andrea skipped first grade!

Andrea Forlenza

EDUCATION: College of Staten Island, BA in Psychology

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Tutoring grades K through 5

FUN FACTS: Andrea loves to draw!

Vinit Parekh

EDUCATION: The College of New Jersey, BS Engineering

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Math, science, test prep

FUN FACTS: Vinit went skydiving and plans to study medicine!

I took the test and got well above my target scores…Exactly what I was looking for in a tutor-tutee relationship.

P. Thane
Ridgewood, NJ

Top 8 Tutors in Franklin Lakes, NJ:

Rami Amer

EDUCATION: The College of New Jersey, BS Biology- Premed

AREA OF EXPERTISE: All sciences & Test Prep

FUN FACTS: I have stretchy skin!

Emily Faulkner

EDUCATION: Eastern Nazarene College


FUN FACTS: I lived in China for a year and can speak Mandarin!

Michael LaCorte

EDUCATION: Bachelor's degree from Pace (Westchester) and culinary degree from ICE

AREA OF EXPERTISE: All things verbal/English, high school entrance exams, and general school subjects/study skills

FUN FACTS: I just celebrated 7 years at BrainStorm!

Rose Jean

EDUCATION: Bloomfield College, BS Finance

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Finance, Math/Algebra, French

FUN FACTS: I am a former ballerina from overseas and I am trilingual.

Colleen Wallace

EDUCATION: Fordham University, Bachelor of Science

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Biology, Algebra, SAC, and Test Prep (SAT, ACT)

FUN FACTS: I taught English in Thailand for a year!

David Gagliardotto

EDUCATION: University of Delaware

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Biology and Algebra

FUN FACTS: I was a Senior Captain of the 2012 NJ State Champion Mahwah Thunderbirds Baseball team!

Renee Patterson

EDUCATION: BS Portland State University MA in Education, Long Island University (TOH Certificate)

AREA OF EXPERTISE: College Coaching: choices, applications, essays & supplements PSAT/SAT Test Prep (Reading, Writing, Language) ACT Test Prep (Reading, Writing, Language, and Science)

FUN FACTS: I always wake up in time to watch the sun as it rises and my Aura is emerald green.

Denise Liberty

EDUCATION: Fordham University, Bachelor's in General Science; Master's from East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylavania

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Biology, Algebra I, Middle school math

FUN FACTS: I joined a rappelling team to get over my fear of heights!